Join us

The Park City Pickleball Club is accepting new members.

Mission Statement:  To grow, enhance, and develop pickleball in the Park City area.  To facilitate growth in a positive and supportive manner for both competitive and recreational players of all levels.

Regular membership with annual dues of $25 will provide:

  1. Access to a members-only comprehensive Facebook page including:
    1. The most up-to-date club schedule (clinics, events, etc)
    1. Current open play information (venues, times, cost, etc)
    1. Social event information
    1. A platform for members to communicate with each other
  2. Access to club provided clinics and training sessions
  3. Access to social events put on by the club
  4. A voice on the future leadership and direction of the club
  5. Participating in the unified voice in advocating and promoting pickleball development in the Park City area

Memberships will be valid through December of the year they are submitted.  To become a member, sign up online at