Memorial Day medal winners

Photos by Randy Weatherly, Linda Belgiano and Carol Wexler

An event that proved worth the wait, Park City Pickleball Club’s Memorial Day Tournament was held Sunday, June 5 at the Park City MARC. The tournament had been postponed a week because of bad weather.

Almost 100 PCPC members competed in men’s and women’s doubles skill groups, while volunteers kept the games running smoothly.

Medal winners were:

Men’s Doubles 3.5/3.0 overall
Gold – Jim Jones and Matt Patterson
Silver – Mark Frisch and Peter Murray
Bronze – Brian Bender and Craig Sherman

Men’s Doubles 3.0
Gold – Jon Armstrong and David Enberg

Men’s Doubles 5.0/4.5 overall
Gold – Dave Hall and Jeff Farber
Silver – Greg Leitzke and Paul Targosz
Bronze – Frank Matamoros and Bill Beckman

Men’s Doubles 5.0
Gold – Dave Hall and Jeff Farber

Men’s Doubles 4.5
Gold – Greg Leitzke and Paul Targosz
Silver – Frank Matamoros and Bill Beckman
Bronze – Cal Regan and Josh Parry

Men’s Doubles 4.0
Gold – John Phillips and Jeff Beal
Silver – Cedric Henley and Jame Donovan
Bronze – Thomas Smart and Mark Del Vecchio

Women’s Doubles 5.0/4.5/4.0/3.5
Gold – Tia Cottey and Holly Badger Deem
Silver – Stephanie Donovan and Sherie Henley
Bronze – Debbie Matamoros and Jennifer Lansky

Women’s Doubles 2.5
Gold – Trish Dunne and Bin Mastin
Silver – Valerie Robinson and Fiora Dal Canto
Bronze – Kathy Leitzke and Holley Hendrix

Women’s Doubles 3.0
Gold – Lauri Koress and Karen Sawyer
Silver – Trish Harbers and Connie Barnhart
Bronze – Lea McDill and Sally Coon


Sign up for tournament

Don’t let the name fool you – Park City Pickleball Club’s Memorial Day Tournament will actually be held on June 5, so there’s still time to sign up.

The members-only event was originally planned for May 30, but postponed because of bad weather. To register to play on June 5, go to

The event will feature men’s and women’s doubles in a round-robin format, with women starting at 8 a.m. and men at 1 p.m. There will also be singles and doubles events for juniors.

Players who registered for the original date and now plan to play on June 5 do not have to do anything. Teams that registered for the original date and cannot play on June 5 can contact Debbie Matamoros to receive a refund after June 5.

For questions, contact Tournament Director Suzy Honigman at

Volunteers show up for Showdown

Volunteers are the secret of Park City Pickleball Club’s success.

That was proven again on Feb. 19 and 20, when the club held its Winter Showdown tournament at the Park City MARC. From setting up the courts to tabulating scores, directing players, replenishing snacks, managing events and cleaning up, it was volunteers who kept this successful tournament running.

Over 130 players competed in men’s and women’s doubles on Feb. 19 and mixed doubles on Feb. 20.

Medal winners were:

Men’s Doubles 3.5, 3.0
Gold – Tim Boggess and Cody Dale
Silver – Spencer Hall and Neal Chipping
Bronze – Clay Fletcher and Byron Noel

Men’s Doubles 4.0
Gold – Jack Mueller and Cal Regan
Silver – Robert Macdonald and Josh Parry
Bronze – Coy Barnson and Tim Learned

Men’s Doubles 4.5
Gold – Frank Matamoros and Dave Hall
Silver – Kauvaka (Vaka) Ahoia and Jordan Tapu
Bronze – Tanner Hinrichs and Griffin Heider

Women’s Doubles 3.0
Gold – Elise Jackson and McKensie Cragun
Silver – Christine Decaria and Lauren Sibley
Bronze – Brooklyn Thrailkill and Jaiden Farr

Women’s Doubles 4.0, 3.5
Gold – Ashley Miyazaki and Sierra Krebsbach
Silver – Emily Brown and Kate Matthews
Bronze – Jennifer Lansky and Bridget Chiazzese

Mixed Doubles 3.0
Gold – Melissa Allen and Bill O’Brien
Silver – Jill Garner and Corey King
Bronze – Brandi Blount and Ryan Isber

Mixed Doubles 3.5
Gold – Sherie Henley and Brian Bender
Silver – Bridget Chiazzese and Richard Wagner
Bronze – Michelle Wheeler and David Kottler

Mixed Doubles 4.0
Gold – Ashley Miyazaki and AJ Miyazaki
Silver – Sierra Krebsbach and Chris Arena
Bronze – Mary Regan and Cal Regan

Mixed Doubles 4.5
Gold – Valerie Yeoman and Frank Matamoros
Silver – Kim Corrigan and Jimmy Miller
Bronze – Marlo Dwelle and Sir Paul Douglass

Tournament time

Photo by Carol Wexler

Final preparations are underway for the Park City Winter Showdown, to be held this weekend at Park City MARC.
Over 130 players from throughout Utah and several other states have signed up for the tournament, which is sponsored by Park City Pickleball Club.
The action starts at 4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 19, with men’s and women’s doubles. Mixed-doubles teams will take the courts at 1 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 20.

Park City Summer Classic

Three days, two locations, scores of volunteers and over 200 players from a dozen states: Add it all up and you have the Park City Summer Classic.

Park City Pickleball Club’s first USA Pickleball-sanctioned tournament was held Aug. 12 (women’s doubles), Aug. 13 (mixed doubles) and Aug. 14 (men’s doubles) at City Park and the Park City MARC.

Medal winners by event and skill level:

Women’s Doubles, 2.5 – Isabel Dulfano and Susan Plomin (gold); Cori Abbruzzese and Joan Ehrlich (silver); Elaine Murray and Melissa Allen (bronze)

Women’s Doubles, 3.0 – Kristina Clayson and Andy Andersen (gold); Shirl Sumner and Timi Fife (silver); Cindy Bedford and Sharron Bird (bronze)

Women’s Doubles, 3.5 – Denise Hytonen and Debby Smith (gold); Julie Schleck and Kat Martz (silver); Connie Greene and Cheri Toolson (bronze)

Women’s Doubles, 4.0 – Lisa Sigaty and Tamara McLennan-Novak (gold); Deserea Dunn and Kathryn Sperry (silver); Tina Eng and Stephanie Stocking (bronze)

Women’s Doubles, 4.5 – Maureen O’Malia-Tracey Swenson (gold); Debbie Matamoros and Marlo Dwelle (silver)

Mixed Doubles, 2.5 & 3.0 combined – Liz Fannon and Patrick Fannon (gold); Sarah Childs and Spencer Childs (silver); Laura Freeman and Mark Freeman (bronze)

Mixed Doubles, 3.5 – Holly Beal and Jeff Beal (gold); Bonnie Coffey and Joe Plomin (silver); Katie Willette and Randy Campbell (bronze)

Mixed Doubles, 4.0 – Deserea Dunn and Ben Bagshaw (gold); Valerie Yeoman and Jody Whitesides (silver); Sandy Crawshaw-Sparks and Jonathan Sparks (bronze)

Mixed Doubles, 4.5 – Maureen O’Malia and Dave Hall (gold); Tracey Swenson and Jeff Farber (silver); Marlo Dwelle and K. Priebe (bronze)

Mixed Doubles, 5.0 – Debra Jean Baptiste and The Unicorn Jean Baptiste (gold)

Men’s Doubles, 3.0 & 3.5 – results not yet posted on

Men’s Doubles, 4.0 – Jared Bishop and Evan Merrill (gold); Erik Bergerud and Paul Targosz (silver); Ben Maddox and Mr. Whiskers Perry (bronze)

Men’s Doubles, 4.5 – Adam Fullmer and Rick Peterson (gold); Jared Hedberg and Mark Walker (silver); Brandon Janis and Brad Jenson (bronze)

Men’s Doubles, 5.0 – Dave Hall and Sammy McCabe (gold); Ben Williams and Worm Bennett (silver)

Photos by Linda Belgiano, Carol Wexler and Randy Weatherly

July Members’ Tournament

Games were competitive and clearly fun as more than 120 players converged on the MARC for Park City Pickleball Club’s second annual July Members’ Tournament. The July 5 event began at 8 a.m. and continued until sundown. It drew a record 48 players at the popular 3.5 level alone, and also included the club’s first-ever event for juniors.

Park City Council member Nann Worel gave the opening remarks for the tournament, which was played in a mixed-doubles format.

The July Members’ Tournament was coordinated by Jenny Dorsey and powered by a group of volunteers who arrived early to set up, check in, and tabulate the scores. The group included Rhoda Stauffer, Patti Peters, Lisa Mosher, Carol Hollander, Donna, Trish Harbers, Kathy Leitzke, Pattiann and Girard Andres, Teresa McMillan, Carol Wexler, Kathy Moder, Jay Zorzy, Valerie Schkade, Doris Schmidt, Marie Thrasher, Richard Wells and Michele Henry, and Jennifer Schwam.

Pool captains kept the tournament on track; they included Jody Whitesides, Franco DeSantis, Paul Cassell, and Jim Jones. Jody Whitesides spent the entire day as either a pool captain or referee for the medal rounds.

Karen Halverson-Zorzy donated her time and talent as photographer for the event.

Memorial Day memories

Park City Pickleball Club members came out in force for the annual Memorial Day Tournament, with 100 players and scores of spectators enjoying the action at City Park.

Medal winners were:

Women’s 2.5 –  June Krigman & Arlene Kesluk (gold); Janice Plummer & Barbara Dowie (silver); Shirley Noon & Val Robinson (bronze); Missy Enberg & Laurie Spear (bronze)

Women’s 3.0 – Mia Price & Melissa Price (gold); Isabel Dulfano & Julie Harrison (silver); Christin van Dine & Jess Moran (bronze)

Women’s 3.5 – Karen Cohen & Laurie Lambert (gold); Julie Schleck & Katherine Martz (silver); Lita Hoffman & Jennifer Lansky (bronze)

Women’s 4.0 – Maureen O’Malia & Tracey Swenson (gold); Cathy Turchan & Kirsten Nordstrom (silver); Stephanie Donovan & Chris Lapointe (bronze)

Men’s 2.5 and 3.0 – Jason Owen & Brian Kesluk (gold); Charlie Enberg & David Enberg (silver); Michael Levinthal & Bill Grodnick (bronze)

Men’s 3.5 – Jame Donovan & Colin House (gold); Jim Jones & Rusty Martz (silver); Richard Gottlieb & Randy Weatherly (bronze)

Men’s 4.0+ – Ky Coffey & Alex Neumann (gold); Jody Whitesides & David Hall (silver); Mark DelVecchio & Cal Regan (bronze)

Photos by Carol Wexler and Randy Weatherly

July Mixed Doubles Tournament

Park City Pickleball Club’s second annual July Mixed Doubles Tournament is planned for Monday, July 5 at 8 a.m. at the Park City MARC.

All club members are invited to participate in the event, which will feature mixed-doubles teams in a round-robin format, at skill levels of 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, and 4.0+.

Teams can sign up at Those who sign up as singles will be matched with a partner by organizers.

The registration fee is $25 per club member. Non-members who wish to play must join the club first and then register for the tournament.

All proceeds will benefit the club’s Capital Campaign for a new Park City pickleball complex.