Winter Showdown winners

photos by Randy Weatherly

Over 130 players competed in the Park City Winter Showdown at the Park City MARC. Men’s and women’s doubles were held on Feb. 25, with mixed doubles on Feb. 26.

Medal winners were:

Men’s 2.5/3.0

Gold: Terry Horner and Thomas Thomas

Silver: Brecken Tucker and Kai Heninger

Bronze: Scott Mills and Chuck Richter

Men’s 3.5

Gold: Jeff Danos and David Lonczak

Silver: Jack Loughridge and Bret Loughridge

Bronze: Dan Clark and Pete Saunders

Men’s 4.0/4.5

Gold: Christopher Talbot and David Creasy

Silver: Russell Douglas and Dirk Spangenberg

Bronze: Clay Fletcher and Job Santillan

Women’s 2.5

Gold: Alison Gilmore and Ashlynn Schield

Silver: Cynthia Grazian and Joanna Lamb

Bronze: Kara Straub and Angie Chapman

Women’s 3.0

Gold: Janie Findley and Cathryn Halvorsen

Silver: Molly Maier and Elaine Murray

Bronze: Lea McDill and Janet De Mars

Women’s 3.5

Gold: Angeles Mahe and Soloi Vakalahi

Silver: Susette vanderBeek and Tiena Afu

Bronze: Melissa Allen and Ann McKay

Women’s 4.0

Gold: Brittny Lolohea and Pauline Mili

Silver: Christina Whittier and Brooke Sprouse

Bronze: Amber Lindquist and Yolanda Martinez

Mixed 3.0

Gold: Terry Matyszczyk and Anthony Matyszczyk

Silver: Ronda Bresin and Bruce L. Maw

Bronze: Holley Hendrix and Ken Campbell

Mixed 3.5

Gold: Sydney Slosar and David Lonczak

Silver: Melissa Allen and Mark Frisch

Bronze: Ann McKay and Jeremy Pack

Mixed 4.0/4.5

Gold: Marlo Dwelle and Joseph Plomin

Silver: Emily Ellis and David Creasy

Bronze: Deanna DiBella and Christopher Talbot

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