Tournaments: We need your help!

The Park City Pickleball Club has a fun and exciting tournament schedule planned for this summer, and we really need your help to put it all together. Whether you have the organizational skills to run an entire event, or just the willingness to help coordinate small projects, we need you. We can be flexible to make sure your role will fit both your skills and your availability.  

Please send an email to if you would be willing to help put these tournaments together. We are looking forward to your help.

Here are the details, with tentative dates:
Memorial Day 2021 / Club Members Only
Event:  Round Robin / Men’s / Women’s
Date: Sunday, May 30 and Monday, May 31
Time:  8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Location: Willow Creek Park
Cost: TBD / Maybe $30 per person (includes 2 events)
Fourth of July 2021 / Club Members Only
Event: Round Robin / Mixed Doubles
Date: Monday, July 5 and Tuesday, July 6
Time: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Location: Willow Creek Park
Cost: TBD / Maybe $30 per person (includes 2 events)
1st Annual Park City Summer Classic / Open to the Public
Event: Round Robin / Men’s / Women’s / Mixed
Dates: Aug. 12-14
Times: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Locations: TBD (Willow Creek and/or MARC)
Cost: TBD / Maybe $40 plus $10 per event
Please note the following:

  1. All tournaments, whether club-only or open, will have a fee associated with them.  
  2. Tournaments will have new medals, shirts for all participants, and will be coordinated with the city and/or county to keep the locations centralized and allow for proper completion of events.
  3. The main reason for charging fees for the tournaments is to start raising a capital fund for a new pickleball facility in the next few years. The goal for the August tournament is to raise over $10,000 for the project.

We are looking for many of our club members to help us put these events on. A few of the roles we would need filled are:
Tournament Committee members
Tournament directors
Event coordinators
Court crew
All of you have the ability to help us make this happen. Again, if you would be willing to serve on a tournament committee, please send me an email at Remember, the goal is to continue to raise funds to build a pickleball complex that will serve our community well for years to come. With everyone’s help, we can make this happen in the near future.
Thanks again for all of your support, and we’ll keep you updated as we move forward on these exciting events.
Greg Leitzke, President
Park City Pickleball Club

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