Memorial Day memories

Park City Pickleball Club members came out in force for the annual Memorial Day Tournament, with 100 players and scores of spectators enjoying the action at City Park.

Medal winners were:

Women’s 2.5 –  June Krigman & Arlene Kesluk (gold); Janice Plummer & Barbara Dowie (silver); Shirley Noon & Val Robinson (bronze); Missy Enberg & Laurie Spear (bronze)

Women’s 3.0 – Mia Price & Melissa Price (gold); Isabel Dulfano & Julie Harrison (silver); Christin van Dine & Jess Moran (bronze)

Women’s 3.5 – Karen Cohen & Laurie Lambert (gold); Julie Schleck & Katherine Martz (silver); Lita Hoffman & Jennifer Lansky (bronze)

Women’s 4.0 – Maureen O’Malia & Tracey Swenson (gold); Cathy Turchan & Kirsten Nordstrom (silver); Stephanie Donovan & Chris Lapointe (bronze)

Men’s 2.5 and 3.0 – Jason Owen & Brian Kesluk (gold); Charlie Enberg & David Enberg (silver); Michael Levinthal & Bill Grodnick (bronze)

Men’s 3.5 – Jame Donovan & Colin House (gold); Jim Jones & Rusty Martz (silver); Richard Gottlieb & Randy Weatherly (bronze)

Men’s 4.0+ – Ky Coffey & Alex Neumann (gold); Jody Whitesides & David Hall (silver); Mark DelVecchio & Cal Regan (bronze)

Photos by Carol Wexler and Randy Weatherly

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